Maintaining pest-free homes and businesses is what this business is about.

Business Services

Western Pest Control works hard to have the best pest control service your money can buy for both your home and business needs.

With our well-trained and experienced technicians and pest exterminators to handle any pest control jobs, you can be assured of the utmost quality our company delivers in almost every possible way.

In addition to, we have the commercials, certifications, insurances, licenses, and experience to keep your business and home pest free.


  • Call our office for Inspection 435-673-8300
  • We assess your physical needs and discuss your pest management options.
  • Bid is presented with full documentation
  • Pest problems are history.

You’re back to work – No pests.

Western Pest Control is recognized by the following accrediting bodies for exhibiting a high quality of service and customer satisfaction:

Western Pest Control Inc.

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