Termites find there way in to many St. George homes. They always say: “Its Cold outside – We don’t care!”

Termites-reproducer-in-St.-George-Utah-Western-Pest-ControlWinter slows them down, but only a little bit.  Most older Southern Utah homes have been attacked one way or another by the moderately heavy termite activity we have here.  We do termite jobs in Hurricane, Washington, St. George and Cedar City almost every week.  Termites are literally everywhere in Southern Utah.
Because termites live in wood of your home or in the soil underneath it, the mild Southern Utah weather just doesn’t effect them too much.  Most St. George pest control customers don’t even know that they have termites until they see little saw dust on their floor or mud tubes coming up there walls.  Homeowners also find out they have a problem when they see “reproducers”  flying in their window seal or just outside.  These flying termites come out in the Spring in St. George and sounding areas.  We get many pest control calls where the homeowner thinks they have flying ants, when in fact their home has been being eaten by termites all winter long.   
A quick call to our office (435-673-8300) and we can usually tell you if you have termites – right over the phone.   Termites don’t care about seasons in Southern Utah.  They care about your home and delirious as they are, no matter the season.