Rodents in Southern Utah are nothing to scoff at. Every year in the last 15, Western Pest has had an increase in calls for rodent problems in homes. Rats are problems pests that cause disease and real damage to homes and business.

A company called APORO has been training giant rats to sniff for land mines in Mozambique with huge success. Their teams, including those that are using Rats, have cleared more than 13k land mines. Here is a video.


Other Facts:

  • They have never lost a rat.  The rats sniff and find the mines, they do not activate them.
  • The Mozambique landmine problem came from a civil war for independence 1967-1975.
  • 46% of landmine victims are children.
  • 3000 people every year are killed by landmines.
  • The rat bread is Gambian Pouched Rats
  • Their trainers say the rats are “Very friendly, charismatic, curious, affectionate, they are great creatures to work with!”

Looks like a wonderful program.  Yeah for Rats!

Here is a link to their website. Here

Please donate to the cause by adopting one of these Amazing Rats. Here