Roaches fill all parts of the Southern Utah. We commonly find about 4 types. American Roaches: Mostly on the outside of home and business. Oriental Roaches: Sometimes called waterbugs, they are generally found on the exterior. They love water and can be found in value boxes, cracks and crevices around most homes. Brown Banded: Rarer than the American and Oriental, but still around in St. George Area. Again, mostly they are found on the exterior around rotting vegetation and in cracks and crevices. German Roaches: These are often infesting kitchen or bathroom areas. They are small, spread rapidly and require much more effort to control once established.



There are only two really dangerous spiders in Southern Utah. The Black widow and the Desert Brown Recluse. Either can kill the very young or the very old. Both are have very painful and dangours bites. The Black Widow is very common and can be found most homes that do not have a maintenance pest control program.

ants - Western Pest Control

ants – Western Pest Control



There are more pest control service calls for Ants in the St. George Utah area and any other pest. They can take over your yard or your pantry. Western’s Famous Ant Service kills the ants were they live. We often solve ant problems when nothing else has worked. Call to and ask about our Ant Services. You will be glad you did.

termit - Western Pest Control

termit – Western Pest Control



Termites are huge in Southern Utah. The St. George area including Hurricane and Cedar City have both drywood and subterreanan termites. This means that if you have a home that was not given a pre-treatment while it was being built – you are at high risk of having termites. If your home is more than a few years old it has already been attacked. We do termite services everyday where homeowners had no idea about termites until they had a problem. We have five Termite technicians at Western and would love to answer any questions about how to treat or prevent termite damage.

Bed_bug - Western Pest Control

Bed_bug – Western Pest Control



Bed bugs in the St. George Area have really taken off in the last few years. 10 Years ago we would get 1 bed bug call a year, now we get a few a week. Unfortunately, bed bugs in Southern Utah are here to stay. There are a couple different treatment options for bed bugs that have proven to be effective. There are dozens that have no effective at all. Call and talk to our office to learn more.

Rat - Western Pest Control

Rat – Western Pest Control



Mice have always been very common in Southern Utah. Deer Mice can be found at homes in Cedar City and higher evaluations. Rats are a more recent addiction. With the urbanization of the St. George area, the rat population has grown a lot. Rats are opportunist and will make a meal of almost anything. They are common around homes and business that have water, food, dog food, succulents, and a place for them to hide. A good rodent protection program should be a part of every business and home pest service.